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Acuity Consulting Services

We provide a full suite of services focusing on e-commerce development and transformation. As a client, we give you the option to select a specific service in one area or combine solutions for a more comprehensive approach. 

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Grow your business on the world's largest marketplace channels
  • Extensive market research and business audit
  • Account clean up and organization
  • Listing optimization 1.0 for increased visibility
  • Process development and standardization
  • Page 1 strategy implementation for launching new products
  • Provide best practices for using Amazon's Exclusive Brand Features
  • Listing optimization 2.0 for increased conversion and sales with organic traffic
  • Brand management to maintain your brand’s reputation on the marketplaces
  • Tailored marketing promotion features for your brand and products
  • Sponsored Ads management
  • Inventory monitoring and forecast recommendations
  • Customer service
  • Strategic growth advisory

NEW: Amazon Booster Program

3-Month Amazon Transformation Program (+ 6 months support)

The Amazon Booster Program is a 90-day "done-with-you" service to help launch your products on Amazon with our consultants. After the 90-day period, we will step aside and let you run the operation. However, you have an additional 6-months of ongoing support to help you grow into the role. 


  • 360 Analysis of the market and business audit
  • We will design a detailed roadmap for the next 3-months based on research
  • Identify the best and fastest way to build your Amazon sales channel
  • Roll-out Integrated Optimization tactics to increase conversion rate, traffic, and sales
  • Evaluate performance and iterate improvements based on data (2.0 optimization)
  • Standardize all processes to be easily replicable and start scaling the business
  • Inventory forecast

BONUS: Setup up to 10 new sponsored ads campaigns

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Get Started With The Amazon Booster Program